EQUIP Protein Powder


A complete source of grass-fed protein to fuel your body.

Your body depends on protein to build and repair tissues. The whole-food protein found in Equip’s Prime Protein.

Prime Protein contains 100% grass-fed beef, and only natural ingredients. Not like other protein blends on the market that are loaded with ingredients that do more harm than good. They contain ingredients like preservatives, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, and fillers.

Not Equip.

You need a protein blend that supports your body’s ability to build and repair bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin.

Our grass-fed beef means you get the daily doses of whole-food collagen and gelatin you need — and none of the junk. All in a low-carb protein powder that doesn’t spike your blood sugar or give you the crashes you experiences with other powdered blends.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Novello
The best protein!

Every flavor of this protein powder is amazing. You can’t tell that it’s sweetened with stevia! I like to add it to smoothies with non dairy milk, fruit (frozen bananas are my fave), nut butter, and granola sprinkled on top. Sometimes I’ll throw in fresh spinach or kale too. I eat it almost every day and never get bored. And thanks to Empirica’s quick shipping, I never run out :)

Yumm! So happy you're enjoying!

Elle Kelsen
Best Protein

I LOVE this protein. The ingredients are the cleanest I’ve found and it tastes amazing.

Yayyy! :)

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