How it began

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, our Founder Emily Schromm was on a quest to find the cleanest support for the nutritional deficiencies she was seeing with her clients.

The truth is, this was HARD! The supplement industry was (and still is!) filled with a lot of BS. EMPIRICA was founded in 2018 to change that narrative!

micronutrient MAGIC

While we believe FOOD, MOVEMENT, WATER, and AWARENESS are all key components to a healthy life, the truth is that MANY of us are deficient in vital nutrients. 

For example, 95% of Americans are deficient in MAGNESIUM! Isn't that wild?! 

This is because of soil depletion, farming practices, pesticide usage, as well as an increase in stress and medications.

We believe when you find the right supplement routine, MAGIC happens.

Better sleep, less stress, decreased PMS, more balanced hormones, and more ENERGY!

Our standards

Bioavailability is the KEY! Our formulas are created to quickly enter the bloodstream and begin the healing process. 

EMPIRICA is a Pharmaceutical grade supplement line manufactured in an FDA, GMP and NSF certified facility. 

We keep up with the latest research, guaranteeing that our products reflect the ingredient and dosage levels supported by the most current data, to encourage maximum effectiveness.

Quality is not just something we do, it is a part of our culture. All of our processes are completely controlled so we can ensure material, component and product quality and safety from beginning to end.

From plastic to boxes 

YES. We use plastic. And YES. We are working to change that! We are making many initiatives to decrease our plastic footprint. 

We have created a SHIPBACK program for all supplement tubs as well as partnered with CLEANHUB to donate a small percentage of every purchase to plastic clean-ups around the world.

Most importantly, longside our manufacturer, we have stopped thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill through our


A percentage of our sales goes directly to TRI-MAG donations to underserved communities. 

We are currently partnered with two organizations:

The Keala Foundation, an after school program in Kauai, Hawaii, as well as the Botanical Bus. a bilingual herb clinic in Northern California. 

If you know of a person or organization who would benefit from these donations, please don't hesitate to reach out at! 

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