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Help us give back to Mother Earth, and we'll give back to you!

Although we've moved many of our bottled supplements to recycled boxes, we are still selling select tubs that can be repurposed!

When you send your empty Empirica tubs back to us, we'll send you a gift card with $5 credit + your cost of shipping.*

These recycled bottles will be thoroughly sanitized & reused for empirica supplements & our herbal teas!

STEP 1: Collect & re-package your tubs

Place your old tub(s) into an empty box (try to reuse one you already have!) & seal it up with tape. We will sanitize, but a quick rinse is always helpful! 

Our favorite tubs to repurpose are Tri-Mag, BCAAs, Detox Complete, & Gut Repair!

Step 2: Ship back

Ship your package to our address:

PO Box 747
Kirksville, MO 63501

Step 3: Email us to redeem your credit!

Email your shipping receipt to

Once we receive it, we'll set you up with a store credit & refund your shipping!

*Each customer can receive up to 3 gift cards per year. There is no minimum number of bottles you can send back to redeem the credit, but please consolidate as much as possible. Less packaging, less waste!