Customize your daily supplement pack

Find your essentials. Find your new normal. 

Why customize your daily supplement pack?

Because we are all bio-individual!

Many of us have experienced things like low energy, brain fog, digestive issues, or painful periods (among others!), but the extent and combination of each can differ. 

A customized supplement pack - especially when paired with our custom consult - provides the flexibility needed to find the nutrients that are essential to YOU! 

How it Works

Step 1: Build

Build your custom pack directly through our survey OR we'll build it for you through an EmpiriQ consult.

Step 2: Integrate

Try out your new supps! We recommend a 2-4 month protocol to determine if it's the right combination for you.

Step 3: Optimize

Email us any time to revisit your protocol and/or make changes to your daily supplement pack.

Ready to get started?

Already know which supps you want in your custom pack?

Answer our brief survey to let us know exactly which supplements you’d like! We'll build your custom box it and ship it to you. 


Want us to build your custom pack for you? 

Click below to take our EmpiriQ Norma Consult! We'll create a custom protocol based on your results and share that with you for purchase.

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