Custom Consult


We believe wellness comes from knowledge so our goal is to help you live your healthiest life through education. Consult with an Empirica vetted, certified NTP to get a customized routine based on your goals. Form a habit based on your NTP's recommendations and see actual results from your supplement plan. 

What you'll get:

  • A thorough quiz that will provide customized results by examining your habits and lifestyle 
  • A personalized consult with a certified NTP to review your quiz results and discuss your goals
  • Supplement recommendations and instructions for implementing them into your current routine 
  • $15 credit towards your first order 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Very Helpful

Great info from Sara! Provided me good guidance and perspective on what I should be prioritizing based on my lifestyle and needs. Spend time and be thoughtful with the survey and it’ll address any question you have.

Very informative

Very informative and personalized. Would definitely recommend.

Very Helpful!

Elena was a great help in prioritizing the supplements I take (and should be taking)as well as how each one would address something I mentioned wanting to improve. She provided a lot of specific tools to help with the concerns I had in my survey. Definitely worth it!

Helpful personalization

I really enjoyed the consultation and how personal it was. It was truly tailored to me and my lifestyle. They had a genuine passion that came through and was much appreciated.


My Norma - Erika Thiede - provided a very comprehensive overview that addressed all of the concerns mentioned in my survey. She was very positive and gave off great, uplifting energy in the video. I appreciate that she took the time to explain not just WHAT she recommends, but WHY. Some of the changes recommended will be harder for me to implement than others (i.e. not sure how I will survive eliminating dairy! haha) but I feel empowered now being armed with the information. Thanks so much, Erika!!

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