Custom Consult


We believe wellness comes from knowledge so our goal is to help you live your healthiest life through education. Consult with an Empirica vetted, certified NTP to get a customized routine based on your goals. Form a habit based on your NTP's recommendations and see actual results from your supplement plan. 

What you'll get:

  • A thorough quiz that will provide customized results by examining your habits and lifestyle 
  • A personalized consult with a certified NTP to review your quiz results and discuss your goals
  • Supplement recommendations and instructions for implementing them into your current routine 
  • $15 credit towards your first order 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Katie L
Lexie is amazing!!

5 stars!! I just got my Norma consult done with Lexie and omg I’m so excited. I did a Norma a few months ago, so this was really fun to see the improvements I’ve made since then. Lexie took such care to really look into my concerns and break it all down in a way I fully understood. She gave me some great tips on things I can do to continue improving my overall health and I’m so pumped to get started. Thank you Lexie!!!

Katie - weird glitch says 1 star, but we are happy to hear it's really 5! So glad to hear about this wonderful experience you had! How are things going now? If anything else comes up, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Valerie Martinez
Much needed reset!

I went to this to see exactly what my body was needing. I felt I was taking supplements I would hear good things about but wasn’t really feeling the benefits for myself personally. I’ve followed my supplement recommendation as well as the dietary recommendations and have felt a significant difference. My energy has increased and don’t have stomach pains anymore! I’m so grateful for this resource it’s been a great help!

Valerie - so great to have you doing a custom consult with us! This is all such great news! How are things going now?

Jackie kaweck
Energy Up - GI Improving!

I was surprised and so happy to have the quality of guidance that Sara provided in the consultation. Having purchased and used the recommended supplements for about 4 weeks now, I can absolutely say that my energy is up, bloating is diminished and my GI is behaving much more like it should!!

Jackie - that's great news! We are SO THRILLED you are seeing these results! How are things going now? Still seeing that success?

Jordan Kemmer
Very Helpful

Great info from Sara! Provided me good guidance and perspective on what I should be prioritizing based on my lifestyle and needs. Spend time and be thoughtful with the survey and it’ll address any question you have.

Jordan - so happy to hear about your experience! We loved chatting with you! How have things been?

Bryan Komisor
Very informative

Very informative and personalized. Would definitely recommend.

Bryan - happy to hear that! How are things going now? Please feel free to reach out if anything has come up!

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