It's hard to know which supplement
lines are trustworthy out there.

That's why Empirica exists to educate.

On supplements, macros, herbs, holistic health, and everything in between.

We believe wellness comes from knowledge, so our goal is to help you live your
healthiest life through education.


clean, pharmaceutical grade ingredients

We use the highest quality ingredients and the most effective formulas, so you actually feel a difference. We want you to know what you're putting into your body and just as importantly, WHY.


find your new normal

Sleepy? Hangry? Low energy? Debilitating period cramps?

Sometimes the things you think are normal, aren't! Our founder, Em, is here to help. Experience a Custom Consult to learn what's normal, what's not, and get a personalized supplement program for your health and wellness goals using herbs and micronutrients through supplementation. 

Book your Custom Consult with Em here!


sustainable practices

We've amplified our commitment to sustainability in 2 key ways:

1) Supplement Boxes: We've started shifting from plastic bottles to cardboard boxes & daily supplement packs. Because when landfills are full, where does our trash go? It’s buried. Thousands and thousands of plastic pieces, buried below our feet.

2) Ship Back Program: We still sell select supplement tubs as part of our Ship Back program, where we repurpose them for herbs in partnership with our sister brand, Element Tea!


sharing the power of nutrition

Empircuida is a scholarship program that shuttles lower income Latina families into a program to support nutritional deficiencies & health problems associated with food insecurity & income discrepancies.

For every 20 Empirica supplement subscribers, we onboard 1 Empircuida recipient into the program.


Emily Schromm, NTP 

Meet Emily Schromm. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur. Her goal is to help you empower yourself through food and movement and knowing exactly what's going into your body, and why.