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5 Signs You Need To Up Your Nutrition Game for Your Workouts

Not seeing the results in the gym? 

If you are starting to CRUSH consistency in the gym but find yourself feeling blah… it’s time for us to look a little closer at what we are putting in our body. The food we eat isn’t just about the numbers that we put in to fuel our workout. What you choose to put into your body literally becomes who you are! (the body is so cool, isn’t it?!) 

You Chose to Read this Blog in the first place  

Silly and obvious? Maybe. What is true: You know your body best. If you are already interested in learning more about how to support your body, THIS is your sign! 

But really, a few more signs that you should pay attention to: 

The fatigue is real 

If your energy and muscles are worn out (even with low intensity workouts) Or maybe you are feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or lethargic. Any energy-related sign from your body needs to be listened to!  

Your muscles are ALWAYS sore

 Whether you worked out this morning or three days ago, you are always feeling it in your body. If your muscles are always sore, they don’t have the time to recover & rebuild (i.e. how we grow our muscles!) 

Workouts don’t energize you (they drain you) 

Sure, workouts might feel uncomfortable  sometimes, but you should also feel GOOD after! If you are feeling constantly drained during and after your gym sesh, it’s time to look a little deeper! 

You’re not seeing results

In your performance or your body. Your body wants to adapt to the stress you introduce to it (especially exercise!) So, if your results aren’t adding up to the work you are putting in, there is a reason.

When you’re ready to level up your nutrition, first remember: Every BODY is very unique. Your needs may be quite different from your mom, brother, training bestie, or your partner. That said, a few MAJOR areas to keep in mind:

PROTEIN: Make sure you are getting enough! Protein helps to stabilize our energy and are the building blocks for a lot of our body’s processes. Especially if you are exercising and your calories are lower, our muscles need protein in order to repair and rebuild! 

FATS to support our body’s energy and to help reduce inflammation (and improving our healing process!) Overall, we need to be increasing the variety of quality fats in our meals (avocado, coconut milk or oil, nuts/seeds, ghee, etc) and less processed oils that are known to be inflammatory. 

Food and lifestyle shifts are key, always. However, our modern world and lifestyle can really limit us. If you’re ready to up level your nutrition game for your workouts and are ready to see RESULTS, take a look at our BUILD MORE bundle: 

BCAAs: give your body the buffer of protein (amino acids) it needs to improve recovery and build muscle

Omega 3s: the fatty acid that we are MOST deficient in but we NEED to control inflammation 

Turmeric Plus: a potent antioxidant that naturally releases the body’s inflammatory response. 

If you are moving your body, let’s make sure that you are also nourishing and supporting it so that you can reap the benefits and get strong #asfuh.

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