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Athlete Bundle


Everything an athlete needs! This bundle features Omega 3s, BCAAs, Tri-Mag, and Zinc Essential!

• Omega 3s: The fatty acid that most of the population is deficient in but we NEED to control inflammation
  • • BCAAs: Whether you want to support muscle strength and function or prevent muscle loss associated with inactivity or aging, BCAAs provides the right amino acids in the right ratios to help you meet your goals and stay healthy. Comes in our fruit punch flavor.
  • • Tri-Mag: our "relaxation" mineral, perfect 30 minutes before bed, zen in a cup with delicious tri-berry flavor
  • • Zinc Essential: As an essential mineral, zinc serves catalytic, structural, and regulatory functions in the body.
By bundling these three supplements, you save $29!

Watch the video to learn more

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