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Em's Survival Kit (Bundle)

Em's Survival Kit (Bundle)

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This new 3-supplement bundle is a non-negotiable for Empirica's founder, Emily Schromm! Created to help you: NOURISH. RELAX. FOCUS & FUEL!

(You'll SAVE $37 when you shop the bundle versus individual supps!)


The bundle includes:

1) DETOX COMPLETEa delicious vegan protein that has more nutrients than most multi-vitamins. Supports lean muscle mass, liver support, and digestion! Take 1-2 scoops in gluten-free oats, in a smoothie with frozen blueberries and spinach, or with just water or dairy free milk!

Why: TO NOURISH! It’s also a powerful support if you’re moving through digestive issues and unable to absorb nutrients due to bloating or GI distress.

    Recommended Use:  1-2 scoops in gluten-free oats, in a smoothie with frozen blueberries and spinach, or with just water or dairy free milk!


     2) TRI-MAG: a blend of three of the most potent forms of magnesium for sleep, recovery, and relaxation, including the only magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier: magnesium threonate!

    Why: TO RELAX! Get your body the much needed magnesium missing from our diet through these three forms made into one delicious powder. It will not make you sleepy, and is safe for all ages ! Supportive for bone density support, blood sugar balancing, blood pressure, muscle fatigue, overall systemic stress, and so much more.

    Recommended Use: 1 heaping scoop a day, preferably in the night time ! Can also be delicious with hot water or in a tea : )


    3) BCAAs: a clean, crap-free blend of the full spectrum of essential amino acids!

    Why: TO FOCUS & FUEL. Show up to the gym with more in the tank! You will be amazed with how these support the body (and adrenals!) with workouts, whether that is a long run or a strong weightlifting sesh! Extra supportive for those who do fasted workouts!

    Recommend Use: 1 scoop before your early morning workouts or before a workout that you need a little extra fuel for, without having to eat a meal! Perfect for those who are doing intermittent fasting or long mornings without meals.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Jennifer jones
    aMAZING 🤍🩶🖤

    The tri-mag is so delicious, its a sin!!!!

    Sarah Ridler
    loveeee getting this package!!

    BCAAs making my whole body feel SO strong, trimag makes me sleep so well! And this protein i've been making into mint chocolate shakes all month!